Conservation Easement 4 Includes Quarry Pond

This conservation easement is a large protected area of just over 34 acres; it lies in the norther central portion of the subdivision bounded approximately by Pine Straw Lane, Tumbleweed Trail, Discover Court and part of Meandering Trails Boulevard.  The area can be accessed by walking trails from Pine Straw Lane, Tumblewheed Trail, and Discover Court  trail access points.

The Church Pond Trail has an easy access point.  Just park your car or golf cart in the circle trail entrance on Tumbleweed Trail (street); there is also a bicycle rack.  The maintained trail is flat with some gentle slopes with a bench available for overlooking Church Pond, a retention pond.  The Church Pond Trail potion ends the intersection with Old Quarry Pond Trail.  At that point you can continue along the flat improved trail to exit at Pine Straw or continue down to the lower level of the trail.  The unimproved portion of Old Quarry Pond Trail is a path leading down into heavy growth of trees and some underbrush.  At the time of the video that potion of the trail was unmarked; you can notice the video scanning the area looking for a way to continue towards Connector Trail.

The Old Quarry Pond view from Pine Straw Road shows on the greatest views within Legacy of Leesburg–and it’s not visible from driving on a main street.  You’ll need to park you vehicle and walk along one of the trails; of course the homes with back yards overlooking the pond have a nicest views.  Walking trails surround much of the pond so you can lose yourself in nature.  This view is from the trail along east side of the pond, accessed by trail from Pine Straw Road.  While viewing the pond, just think about what is on the distant shore and then take the trail to the left to descend to the other side and then on to Discover Court.

The Old Quarry Pond Loop Trail goes around Quarry Pond and through various landscapes.  The shortest access point to this trail is with parking on Pine Straw Lane; this video begins with an upper overlook of Quarry Pond.  Take the trail to the left and descend through a few trees to open flat wetlands view as the trail continues in the distance.  Parts of the distant trail may be closed when  wetlands water level is too high.

Start from the other side of the community off of Discover Court where that trail leads to the Connector Trail in the trees.  The Connector Trail has a bench where you can relax in the shade while enjoying view of nature  The Connector Trail is flat but you need to walk over a sloped grass area to get to it.

The Connector Trail passes through trees to reach the Quarry Pond Trail and open flat wetlands prairie grass.  This trail is flat easy to walk.  It’s very relaxing through the trees.  Midway through the trees you can relax on a bench and just enjoy the view of the wetlands; it’s a really nice view when water is high.  The Connector Trail joins the Quarry Pond Trail at a T; the portion of Old Quarry Pond Trail to the left is not maintained and is flooded during high water.  The portion of the trail to the right is the way to go; follow it up to the Pine Straw Road area.

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