Conservation Easement 3

The Conservation Easement 3, a 58 acres, is the largest wetlands space within Legacy of Leesburg.  Shaped like a large C, it is on the east side of Meandering Trails Boulevard going around the residential area o Blue Savannah Drive and Greenfly Orchid Lane.  The lower end of Stoney Brook Drive cul de sac overlooks the wetlands.  This video explores the wetlands from the Stoney Brook Drive area.  The Otter Pond Trail continues along the conservation easement border to Meandering Trails; this video only follow a short stretch of the trail.

The Scrub Jay Trail begins on Meandering Trails Boulevard and continues behind homes on Blue Savannah Drive.  At one time it continued around Greenfly Orchid Lane homes but at this time a portion was closed due to high water.  In the past this scrub area was home to Florida scrub jay families.

This short video shows an overview of conservation easement 3  from the upper section of Meandering Trails.  In the distant center towards the end of the video is the lower end of Stoney Brook  Drive where the previous video starts.

From the lower flat area of Meandering Trails Boulevard this overview of conservation easement 3 shows the high scrub jay habitat vegetation to the left; the Scrub Jay Trail begins at the left.  Illumination Lane extends from Meandering Trails to the right of this flyover.  The Illumination Lane homes which overlook the wetlands are prime properties.

Another view of conservation easement 3 from Meandering Trails Boulvard between Nostalgia Street and Illumination Lane.  The takeoff location is at the start of the Scrub Jay Trail.  Expansive wetlands and ponds are some of the great features and benefits of living in Legacy of Leesburg.

This video started as just drone fun flying time to evaluate flight duration and control at distances over water; it is about 650 feet across the pond and skill is needed to make visual assessments of drone position and movement.  Flight travel distance was about 3,000 feet for 9 minutes, before edits. The flight starts from Illumination lane with a direct flight across the pond towards the homes along Blue Savannah Drive. Flying high, the retention pond and other extensions of the 58-acre wetlands can be seen over the homes along Green Fly Orchid Lane. The flight then turns to return towards Illumination lane; homes from Highland Lakes are on the left as the flight continues to the Illumination Lane cul de sac. Further rotation takes the drone northeast towards Highland Lakes and then back towards Illumination Lane. The final view is towards Blue Savannah Drive from the Illumination Lane side.

This short video shows a quick view of conservation easement area 3 from behind the homes midway down Illumination Lane.  Most homes on the northeast side of Illumination Lane have great views.  There is open common ground behind the home private properties but there is no designated trail in this area.  The open back yards are great places for you to expand your area for social gatherings.  Patios and lanais provide great places to just relax and enjoy nature.

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