Conservation Easement 2

Legacy of Leesburg community surrounds two large conservation easements for the enjoyment of residents. Walking trails provide access to the edges of the conservation areas. The conservation designated as #2 (about 20 acres) is between Nostalgia Drive and Discover Court with trail access from Nostalgia Drive and access on Aurora Drive.  It is south of easement 4.
This tour starts at the Nostalgia Drive access to the Legacy Trail and continues along the wetlands on the right and a retention pond on the left. The trail is easily crossed by alligators and other local critters. The gravel trail surface ends a the Old English Court residences and continues on common ground sloped grassy surface before connecting with the Clock Tower trail near Treasure View Court.
This tour terminates behind Old English Court properties and continues with views of the Treasure View retention pond from above the trees and then around to over-the-trees view of the wetlands of conservation easement 2 before returning for a view of the trail back to the Nostalgia Drive access. Don’t forget to click the “Subscribe” button to get notice of future nature videos.

This narrated video starts over the trees as the end of Old English Court cul de sac.  The trail map shows a connection through the trees from behind the Old English Court to the Clocktower Trail next to Treasure View Way; at the time of the video there was wetlands water so it was not possible to figure out how to get through the trees. There is no maintained walking area behind the homes in this areas, so just follow common ground area. The drone is positioned above the trees behind the homes and continues towards the Legacy Trail next to the Nostalgia Drive retention pond. The view then is northeast of the Trail and then to the Nostalgia Drive trail head. The last view turns back to show the trail from the starting point, with the wetlands now on the right. Caution is required when walking along these trails as alligators can bask in the sun on the banks of the retention pond and cross the trail, especially when moving about during mating season.

This narrated video begins with Trail 12 (Legacy Trail) behind the homes at Old English Court cul de sac where previous videos stopped.  This video begins with an overview of the Treasure View Way area on the other side of the trees and then descends to take the unmarked footpath through the trees to the continuation of Trail 12 behind the homes on Treasure View Way cul de sac. Proceed on the grass up the slope to Trail 4 (Clocktower Trail) and then continue on the maintained trail along Willow and Autumn retention ponds and conservation easement 2. Clocktower Trail has two entry/exit points on Aurora Drive, but no easy parking.

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