Legacy of Leesburg Real Estate Activity Update 18 April 2020

Looks like a possible casualty of the times this week:  Scarsborough at 5707 Illumination Lane withdrawn from market.

2 properties closed; this means buyers and sellers are able to continue existing contracts.  If you have a home to sell there is no need to way.  One buyer is taking advantage of an opportunity with a  pending contract for a Balmoral at 5397 Aurora Drive.

There were no significant price reductions this week.

Want to sell your home?  I’ll explain the various options and market conditions to help you set price to achieve a quick sale or hold out for profit.  There are various scenarios to consider and I can help you determine which best fits your own goals.  I have followed the Legacy of Leeburg real estate market specifically for several years and can use that information to help you sell your home or to find your next home.

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