Legacy of Leesburg Real Estate Activity Surges. 24 Oct 2020

This has been an unusually active week for Legacy of Leesburg real estate, with no explanation. There were 7 properties added to the MLS and 1 pending contract failure. There was l low-end price reduction. How much lower will these low-end sellers go? You won’t know unless you make an offer. I can help you with an offer. So, with 2 new pending sales, there are now 15 MLS-listed properties compared to 9 the previous week. What caused the surge of homeowners deciding to sell? I have no clue. But, this seems to create a great opportunity for someone to purchase a home, whether a $180,000 Balmoral or a $358,000 custom home with pool. If you’re interested, contact me for details about any of the homes or prices.
We should be ready for an active fall period.


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